🔥 Feature Spotlight: Dynamic Connections

Hey Makers :wave:

:loudspeaker: As we move ahead into 2024, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you! :loudspeaker:

From today, Dynamic Connections in Make will transform the way you set up modules with specific connections! :magic_wand:

No more manual headaches - this capability eliminates pain points for scenario designers by allowing a seamless transition between, for instance, Salesforce sandbox and production or managing multiple scenarios for different user connections.

Advanced Makers who are experienced in lifecycle management and various environments will find this capability to be a game-changer.

:old_key: Key benefits

  • Design scenarios that effortlessly adapt to context.
  • Easily make connection changes and troubleshoot during design.
  • Create API-executable scenarios with diverse connections.

If you’re an Enterprise user, now’s the perfect time to log into Make and try Dynamic Connections out for yourself! :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Helpful Resources:

:make: Check out the guide in the Help Center
:make: Explore the possibilities of Dynamic Connections on our blog

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The Make blog also has an article on this new feature


@samliew your level of awareness is truly incredible! I just came in to add a link to the blog post to the announcement and here you are, already on top of it. :star_struck:

Thanks for staying so informed and proactive :raised_hands:


Do you think this functionality will ever come to regular Make customers on non-Enterprise plans?

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Hi @alex.newpath

Given that Dynamic Connections is an advanced product feature, it will continue to be exclusively available on our Enterprise plan.

Thanks for raising this here :pray:


Is Dynamic Connections the solution to this scenario:

I have 20 customers.
Each customer has a CRM and a Zoom account.
Each customer sends webinar registrations from their CRM to their Zoom account.

At the moment I have to build 20 copies of the scenario, which are all identical apart from the Zoom accounts they’re connected to.

Will this let me build a single scenario and route the webinar registrations to the correct Zoom account by including the connection to use in the input data?

If so, that would streamline and simplify my operations enormously.

Final question: can the Enterprise plan ever be affordable for a small business? I’m currently on Teams and would be upgrading just for this one feature. But I’m not a corporation; I can’t justify “speak to a salesperson” levels of monthly subscriptions.


Hey Ken.

I think your situation would be a great fit for Dynamic Connections. On the affordability question, I guess it comes down to the business value for you vs. the expected cost.

One alternative route that would simplify your workflow is to automate the creation of the additional customer-specific scenarios yourself. It should be possible to use the Make App (and some of the additional Make API endpoints for connection creation) to automatically create a scenario with the appropriate connections.

You’d still have the problem of maintaining multiple scenarios if things changed. But you could possibly minimize that by splitting up your scenarios so that the customer-specific parts were separate and invoked by HTTP/webhook. That way you could maintain the non-specific parts as single scenarios.

It would be complex - but that’s the trade off. Whether it’s worth it depends on how big a problem you find it in the first case!