Edit multiple tasks start and due date (different ones for each task) in a ClickUp list

I’m a planning manager for a construction company located in Fortaleza, Brazil and I was looking for some help with automating some clickup routines using Integromat.

I’m facing a hard time trying to change the start and due date (different dates for different tasks) in a list of more than 500 tasks.

I have a spreadsheet with all the tasks and start and due dates I want to change in Excel and I wanted to run an automation where Integromat could look for the task name inside the spreadsheet, locate the task inside clickup and change its start and due date according with the ones inside Excel rows for that task.

Hi Gabriel,

I’m not sure where your spreadsheet originated from, but I think you will need the unique Cickup Task ID for each task in order to make this work. I don’t see anything in the ClickUp API that would enable Make to find a task by “task name” alone. Are you able to get that?


Hi Gabriel,

are those tasks sitting in the same list or multiple lists? You need to get all tasks in ClickUp first, then get all rows from the spreadsheet and apply a filter if the task name is exactly the same to proceed with editing the dates. Matching by task name is not ideal but possible if the name is exactly the same text string.

I have done similar automations before. Let me know if you need help.