How to automate task updates across all spaces/lists in ClickUp?

Hi all

I’m struggling with what I thought would be a pretty simple automation. But because we have a lot of lists in ClickUp I’m stuck.

Whenever a new lead is created in WhatConverts, I want to search ClickUp for tasks that have the lead’s email and update a custom field with the WhatConverts ID.

Basically this:

The problem is that I must select a Space, a folder, and a list. I have two spaces. The first space contains 42 folders and 143 lists, while the other space has 29 folders and 73 lists. So, I either have to create an ‘Edit task’ action for each of our approx. 200 lists, or else I have to do something smarter. And here, my skills are limited.

When I asked the AI Assistant, I got this response:
To edit a task in all of your spaces in ClickUp, you can use the ‘List Spaces’ module to retrieve all the spaces and then use an iterator to loop through each space and edit the task in the desired folder and list within each space. This way, you can ensure that the task is edited in all of your spaces.

I’ve tried the following:

Not sure if this is the right thing? And after this, I’m looking for a way to proceed—should I use Tools or Flow Control?

I’m still new to Make, so I’m eager to learn.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Casper ,

If you use the module Edit a task with custom fields (advanced) it will allow you to edit any task without the issue of mapping the space etc. This would solve your issue;


Thanks, will have a look :slight_smile:

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