Email - Error message regarding credentials


When trying to connect the module ‘’ Email ‘’ with my gmail account, (i already follow this : i got this error message :

“Invalid login: 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. For more information, go to
535 5.7.8 Can't sign in to your Google Account - Gmail Help d2-20020a5d6442000000b003479bec98cesm22804834wrw.115 - gsmtp”

I have the Two-factor authentication activated, i saw that i need to generate a ‘’ application password ‘’ someone can help me please? 1h now i’m looking for …

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Ok i finally found the solution, disabled the Two Auth factors :slight_smile:

How can i close this topic?



Hey @Zam

I am glad that you solved your problem. Just mark your solution as solved; this topic will close automatically.

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