Can not connect to Gmail

In using Gmail, this error is occurred.

Cannot initialize the scenario because of the reason ‘Failed to verify connection ‘xxx’. Status Code Error: 400’

I looked up old information on this subject.*9yl3mb*_ga*MTg0MTUzNjAyMS4xNjkwNjg5NDAx*_ga_MY0CJTCDSF*MTY5MDY4OTQwMS4xLjEuMTY5MDY5MDU0My4zOS4wLjA.&_ga=2.200075886.152422343.1690689401-1841536021.1690689401

I already have this setup.

It worked for the first few days, but then stopped working.

please tell me how to do

Did you change your gmail/google password? or added some kind of 2fa?
If this is the case you most likely have to create the connection again.

Maybe there is a way to verfiy it again trough the connection tab in, but it doesn’t work all the time.


I have not changed my password or 2FA.
Recollection had no effect.
I was able to connect again by reacquiring Google’s Client ID, but after a few days, I can no longer get emails.

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