Google Drive re-authentication

I have a Gmail account Google Drive module that constantly needs to be re-authorized. It’s connected and works, but then in a few days it fails and I get this error and need to re-authorize:

Failed to verify connection ‘asdfasdf@gmail’. Status Code Error: 400

Anyone else have this issue? I love Make for how inexpensive and “advanced” it is, but hate how it’s never as robust and reliable as Zapier.

Hi there,

An alteration to Google’s security policy occurred some time ago that is causing Error 400. It’s now a known fact that every Google account, whether it is free or not, is subject to a 7-day authorization period. After this period, the OAuth security token will expire, and if this occurs, your connection will no longer be authorized, which can prevent any module dependent on the token from running.

To fix this problem, you can either opt for a “paid” Google plan (Google Workspace) or keep reauthorizing manually every 7 days.

However, I was monitoring some developments and it seems the situation has recently changed, I believe that if the steps outlined here are followed, the expiration date of the connection, no longer have to be worried for a personal Gmail account.
You can try the steps and see how it goes.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: