Google My Business authentication

I followed the instructions for connecting the Google My Business to Make located at this link

I have received approval from google, created credentials, inputted the Client ID and secret, and I get the following message from google:

" Access blocked: has not completed the Google verification process"

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what is the solution?

If you’ve created and linked your own Google Cloud Console project to Make using your own project’s Client ID and Client Secret values, you should not be seeing that error.

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That’s exactly what I’ve done. I only have my authentication credentials.

Oh, I think I know what the issue is now. This bit in the help center is outdated:


Since Integromat has changed to Make, the redirect URLs for your app need to be updated.

Here are all the known redirect URIs you need for your Google Cloud Console OAuth app:

Once you’ve set these up, you can use/reuse the same Make connection for all the supported Google apps & modules on Make - you’ll only have to enable the respective APIs for your custom app in Google Cloud.

Hope this helps!

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I’ve tried all of those redirect URLS collectively and individually to establish the connection. The url’s don’t establish a connection and emit an immediate error. All of the integromat URL’s give the same error - as to be expected.

The problem persists, and I find it odd that I’m the only one experiencing it since the instructions are outdated - I’ve had the problem for two weeks and just backburnered it until now thinking either the instructions or issues would resolve.

Figured it out. The Web app needs way more configuration than what is shows in the instructions. The redirect URL is maybe part of the problem, but the instructions in general are insufficient.


What additional configuration did you have to make to connect to Google My Business?

I had to follow some of the app creation and publishing info at that was not included in the original instructions for the google my business instructions referenced earlier.


Hey @bradleyebyrd :wave:

Big applause to you for figuring this one out with @samliew’s help. It’s so heartwarming to see Makers cooperating together to solve their issues. :muscle:

Also a huge thank you for sharing the exact information with us. This way our community stays neat and organized for other users. :broom:

Keep up the good work!

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Do have success to connect google business with make? Help me i am stuck.

@Francisco_Lee did you try the instructions that was linked at


I resolved thanks god.