ENOTFOUND: Service is temporarily unavailable

I created module for email verification named : verify email address
I got bellow error :

Let me know how can i solve this ?

Hi @hiralmmavani,

Is it a custom app? What you can do is use Integromat/Make Dev Tool Extension and review what is being sent to Qev.

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can you please let me know how can I pass data from URL ?


when I pass actual URL it’s showing 404
My actual URL is

but in dev tool URL showing below

How can I solve this ?

Not sure, if I quite understand your question, so pardon if I am understanding this correctly.

You are using Custom App to invoke API calls to QeV, right? If you don’t need to have custom app, you can just use HTTP module of Make to invoke the API.

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I can help you with custom app as well, if you want to share how you have setup your modules.

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