Enroll user in course in LearnDash

I am looking to migrate over from Zapier, but one of the key systems we use is LearnDash.

When we sell a course in our CRM, we want to enroll them automatically into LearnDash.

I am using a Webhook from our CRM and passing the data to Make, it’s bringing through the structure but it’s not clear what fields need to be mapped. It only has the field ‘Users’.

This was quite intuitive in Zapier, as you could see what were the mandatory & optional fields for the LearnDash operation. E.g. first name, last name, username, email etc. This would create the Wordpress user (if it didn’t exist already) and enroll the LearnDash course.

Please see the Loom I created.



I don’t have a LearnDash Account so I can’t replicate the issue, I can try to help you.

What data does it request when you don’t use the map function and click on the Add Item?

See screenshot