Learndash module "enroll user in a course" does not work

Hello Makers

I’m facing difficulties with Learndash module “enroll user in a course”.

The full sequence in my scenario is:
-sell a course through shopify
-create new user in WordPress
-enroll new user into Learndash course.

The “Create a WordPress user” module runs smoothly.

Since Learndash is requiring for an array of data, I have added a JSON module to creating an array consisting of email, username, and UserID, but this is not working.

I keep getting an error message saying that the user ID is not in the integer format.

The issue is that the json generator module only allows a limited set of options, among which integer is not there. I tries with the UserID as a text or as a number, but it still keeps stucking.

Has anyone successfully enrolled users into Learndash course through the module?
How can I fix this issue?

This is the Scenario structure:
-step 1 - Trigger - Shopify new event
-step 2 - Router - filter orders depending on condition “description” contains “xxx”
-step 3 - WordPress: create a User
-step 4 - WordPress: search users
-step 5 - JSON: create JSON
-step 6 - JSON: parse JSON
-step 7 - LearnDash: enroll user in a course

Hey @Virginia
Please share screenshots of your mappings and results/error/input/output that you receive.

The first thing you want to do would be try with static data (without mapping) and see if it goes through then you should be able to understand how to JSON-format the value. Make sure to follow API doc.

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Hi Maker, thanks for your reply.

I just updated the post, adding at the end of the text a short description of the scenario sequence, and adding screenshots of single steps and modules.

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Can you share screenshot of your learndash step, like how you mapped it?

Did you get this figure out? Make.com has no documentation on LearnDash.

I figured it out, it needs to be set up like this:
CleanShot 2022-07-21 at 09.40.24