Error 400 when uploading a video post to Instagram Video: Invalid parameter (100, OAuthException)

Hi. I have a pretty basic scenario: taking a video URL from air table and trying to post it to Instagram, but I am getting this error message.

Invalid parameter’, type: ‘OAuthException’, code: 100, error_subcode: 2207067

I think something like this happened mid November because I saw a lot of talk on the meta developers site but I didn’t see any answers.

Trying to do the research, I was thinking maybe somebody in the community came across the same problem. thanks, mark

no hashtags.

SOLVED: you need to use Instagram reels instead of video as per update in November


Heya @mark5 :wave:

I just want to quickly say great work figuring this out on your own! :clap:

Also, thank you very much for jumping back to this community topic and sharing what did the trick for you with the rest of us. This could be super helpful to many others who are searching for similar info down the road :pray:

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