Instagram reels Error: error code 2207026

i have bee trying to get the instagram reel module to work but i keep getting arrors even though my video met with all the requirements listed. Any help will be appreciated
blueprint.json (9.9 KB)

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Here are similar issues that other forum members have encountered before:

The video format is not supported (error code “352”, subcode “2207026”) Here, the Instagram publishing error is because the format of the video must be MOV or MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) file. We therefore invite you to import your video in one of these formats and try again to publish your video.


Yes…my video is in mov and mp4 versions(had it saved in both format) I also checked the framerate and all other spec and they checked out.

Could the issue have been from the URL? If so, how can I get a public accessible URL for my video

Hello @Ifeoluwa_Ajiboye1 ,

The video must follow the characteristics described here, Have you checked everything ?


Yes I have checked the specs and corrected my video as follows

If possible, try uploading the Reel from a different device. This can help identify whether the issue is device-specific.


Quick question @AlmaWalters

Explain a public Accessible URL and an example.


A publically accessible URL is a web address that can be accessed by anyone on the internet without any restrictions or authentication requirements. It means that anyone with the URL can view the content hosted at that address without needing special permissions or login credentials. These URLs are commonly used for sharing web pages, documents, images, videos, and other online resources with a wide audience.

An example of a publically accessible URL is


Thanks for providing a definition of a publicly accessible URL.
But I don’t really get why you asked it of me.

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