Posting Reels - Error code 2207026

Hello Everyone!

I want your guys advice on something, when i try to upload a reel to Instagram using the module. I just get this output:


I have done my research and it has something to do with Meta themselevs, which is always the case. They say that the video dont support the right format to be posted to IG, which is SUPER weird, becuase the video i tried posting is straight from IG (using a RSS feed).

I got it working when it came to posting photos. But have a problem with reels.

I just wanted to ask if you have encountred this before and if you have a solution. Thanks!

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  1. Module fields +

  2. Blueprint
    blueprint.json (12.5 KB)

  3. Inside the instagram module:

Hope that helps! Thanks.

This is NOT a direct link to a video file. This is a link to an Instagram post, which happens to have a video on the page.


A video file link would have an extension, like video.mp4

To get a video from an existing Instagram post, you need to perform “Web Scraping” techniques or APIs to Download the Video file first, which could look something like this:


Okay i understand!

If you dont mind me asking?
Where should i put the webhook url? Should i put the RSS url in the HTTP module or the direct link from a IG post?

Thanks again.

I would use something like this API (as shown in my screenshot), to get the post image/video URL(s).

Make doesn’t have an integration for RapidAPI though.

If the external service has a Developer API Reference/Documentation then you should be able to integrate the endpoints in Make using the generic HTTP “Make a request” module.


I got the rapid API working with the HTTP module, i get the video url now like this:

Do you know how i can seperate the data in the long string?
Like making it like an array or something, so i just can take the video url. Becuase if i want to map the url in the Instagram Reel module, i need to map the data (longstring) item and then it dosent work:

If i can seperate the info in the data long string, i think i can make it work! Thansk again.