Error 500 on scraping bee

I’m getting a error 500 trying to use Scraping Bee. The Scraping Bee people helped me by trying the exact thing in their own account and it worked just fine. Super simple query.

I cannot get it to work no matter what. No one responds from Make Cares which I find ironic.

Scraping Bee says they see no query coming on my api key, but Make’s Test Connection to my API key seems to work.

I tried Screen Grab and a query to get all the links on a page, both give error 500.

i tried making a different scenario, same thing.

Is it something with my make account? That’s what it seems like. That is the only difference.

Also, scraping ninja worked fine. It’s just something with scraping bee and my account and I have no idea how to solve it.

Can you share the Scraping JSON that you are sending to Scraping Bee?

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all it should do is extract all links on the page. i got this from my extractor generator on scraping bee. it works there.

it defn has something to do with these rules. i got them directly from scraping bee website, but none of the rules no matter how i format them seem to work.

I got it to work via a combination of using Scraping Bee’s Run API instead of scrape page and some other tweaking.

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Hey @Ryan_Scott :wave:

Awesome that you managed to figure out how to make this work :clap: Thanks so much for keeping us posted on the progress and sharing your solution with the community!

FYI: I’ve marked your last reply as the solution. :white_check_mark: This will help others easily find the resolution to this issue.