+ Assistants API v2?

Hey guys! Just wondering if already migrated to v2 of OpenAI API (Assistants API)??

I am unable to run file search with my assistants and that is very limiting.

If not do you know what to insert into custom HTTP module to ensure file search in my assistant?

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Not that I know of. Some users have already raised this issue on the forum.

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I have written about this at the below URL as well. Tonight I have tried this again as I am using a Chain of OpenAI Assistants with different tasks and have painstakingly tested everything, a timer just in case it took time to populate the knowledge file, a random number generator to add a random number to the knowledge file filename in case multiple uploads of a file with the same filename was causing issues, for me its just completely random as to when they work properly and when they dont.

If you are just running a single Assistant, maybe you will have some luck with the original solution in this thread (It is no longer marked as solution, but its written by me)

Hi@ryebag, I can’t see your post. The url is in private.

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I would like to “upvote” Getting the v2 api working natively inside, the work arounds are a bit clunky at best! :smiley:

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Hi dude, the link is removed or private. I would be curious to dig deep in the issue

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I don’t know how to set URLs to Private or Public or why it would be set to Private so I will share the link again. There is no solutuon here, Make support went through my series of scenarios and data store and believe it is an OpenAI issue:


We update the makemarket open ai modules to support GPT-4o and functions. give it a look. Check this post for more details: Open AI Assistant Module with GPT-4o and functions