Error: Array of objects expected in parameter 'value' in google firestore

Good evening everyone,

I’m trying to create a document that contains Array-type fields, I have a string that has separate data, like a,b,c.
So I included a set variable with the name UnitArray and the content split(string;,) so far everything was fine, an array was created, so I added this array to the field, but it is giving the same error, I tried with the interactor + array aggregator and I have the same error, I don’t know if I did it right, could anyone help me?!

Thank you very much in advance!!!




After cooling my head, I made a change and it worked


Hello @Bruno_Conceicao welcome to the Make Community :wave:

Great to hear that you managed to get this up and running! :clap:

Would you mind sharing a brief summary of your solution for the benefit of the community?

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