Trying to use `split` function to output an Array for Google Firestore but getting error

I have a string that consists of strings delimited by a comma.
I used the split function in the value that is of type Array.
According to the docs, the split function should return an Array.

Yet I keep getting an error in make for the Google Firestore saying that it is still expecting the Array value.

Hi @Satchel

I believe that the way the itemTags field accepts an array format is distinct from a regular array. Therefore, please verify the values by turning off the mapping and reviewing the format, and then adjust the output accordingly.

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Hi what does it mean to inspect the values after turning off the map?

I started to use the set variables tool and I still have been unable to provide a variable to a field in Firebase firestore.

Hi Timothy_Fong,

Could you make the following screenshots:

  • the output bundle of the module before the module generating the error
  • the data mapping of the module generating the error
  • the detailed information about the error.

With that, the investigation will be easier.



i have a similar issue, it does not recognise the comma as a separator… Like for space, there is a special button in the function, as a few others but NOT for comma? Not sure how to get a comma in that will be recognised.