Error creating multi-line Linear comments

I’m trying to create an automation which posts a comment to a Linear issue. It works fine with single-line strings, but if I try a multi-line string like this:

then I get an error:

How do I fix this?

Flagging This as a bug/"Not working as intended(details inside)

I have replicated the issue on my side, (Linear is our Main PM dev tool), so educated guess, is that a good chunk of the API still has warnings plastered over it “that its subject to change, functionality in alpha”. 2 months ago those warnings were on 90% of the API.



In The Meantime @aspiers

  1. Use This Module.
  2. Use This Resource to generate the required code, Inline the variables, then replace the variables with “make variables” in the make UI.
Not exactly like this, but it should look similar to this. (clickme)
mutation CommentCreate {
    input: { body: "test content test content", issueId: "xxxx-xxx" }
  ) {
    comment {
      user {

Additional Reading:
:smile: This should allow you to get back up and running in the meantime.

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