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When using the Make app to Run a Scenario, how are you doing errorhandling to capture which “child” scenario ran the “parent” scenario? I’d like to find a good way for the two scenarios to communicate, and potentially error out the child scenario to capture the erroneous information it was passing along, whilst the parent scenario remains available to recieve requests from other child scenarios.

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You can pass the calling “child” scenario ID by using the special variable


This special variable can be typed in like the above, or you can select it from the Variables panel, under the Custom and System variables tab.


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Thanks for taking the time to look at my post, @samliew. I’m already passing along this information to the parent scenario; how would I communicate back to the child scenario any error that happened in the parent scenario? What approach would you take to make it fail just like the parent scenario did; and to keep the parent scenario stay “on”?

Are you sending the data to the other scenario using HTTP and Webhooks? Simply use a Webhook Response with the error message in the error handling route.

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I hadn’t though of that. I have been using Scenario Inputs from the client scenario and passing it along in the Make Run a Scenario module to the main scenario. I’ll do some research on this line next week.