Error in Salesforce module settings

Since this morning I am experiencing problems with what seems to be RDPs in Salesforce modules. The already set modules seem to work fine.

Please see the problem in the video:

Create new customers in NetSuite | Make - 4 June 2024 - Watch Video

I reauthenticated all connections. The problem seems to come and go through the day. Sometimes the objects will load in the settings and sometimes I get an error.

It is really challenging to work this way.

Please advise ASAP.

This appears to be some sort of instability on the UAT Salesforce API to return the data to Make. Have you checked in with Salesforce?

Other people experienced that on other apps too.
Make’s support team confirmed it’s a problem on their side and worked to fix it.


@Amit_Merckado1 thank you very much for updating us on the progress! :pray:

It’s great to hear that the issue got resolved and I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused before the fix was rolled out.

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