Error message in filter

Hello makers, Getting this error when I’m trying to filter out width/height less than 0.8 for aspect ratio. What is wrong with the formula. Seeking help on this.

Can you show the output bundle of the Twitter module? The expression in the filter looks wrong as there are 2 elements to the left and right of the divide operator.

Ok you need to use the value under the Large collection. When constructing the filter just click on the height and width in the filter editor when looking at the output bundle sample in the “star” picker. You may need to drill down to find the correct element. Look for sample data to guide you or just use the search box. Without the right value of the element your filter it will fail.

Thanks sir, But I’m mapping the correct value. i think there can be a problem with the 2 data blocks in blue color that of Width and height. If it only works with 1 block only in formula. i don’t know if it is that or not because i’m mapping same formula as sheet value and it works. so im using sheet for getting things done but if this kind of formula works it will save 2 operations. It must be looked by some one from developer in staff at Make if needed. And if i’m making a mistake than please attach a screen shot of twitter module with tweet containing image and filter set to get the width/ height thing done in the filter without error.