Error parsing data to Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio)

I’m trying to fetch data from MoneyBird to Looker Studio.
Yet, Looker is not picking up the data and throwing an error: “unable to load schema/rows”

I use the standard connector from make with a webhook to connect Make & Looker.
Authorization is perfect. Everything working.

The connection works, I’m seeing the different fields in Looker that I’ve defined in the roles. However, the schema is not being communicated… This is returning an error in Looker.


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This is the blueprint.
It’s completely according to the manual here:

With the exception that I’m trying to connect Moneybird instead of the weather app.

blueprint-3.json (28.2 KB)

Moneybird receives a seemingly correct output bundle

If you see here… Variables are correctly transferred to the Google Data studio request input bundle

I do have an empty (NULL) output bundle in the Google Data Studio Request
Not sure what this means.

I’ve tried to troubleshoot by experimenting. The issue seems to be at the schema
Hopefully this helps clarify

Btw… I’ve also tried using the datatype string in in the schema.
That does not change anything.

My gut is telling me that perhaps this connector needs work, that the interpretation of the schema at the Looker studio side has changed, thereby making it impossible to read the scheme and blocking a successful connection.

The manual says these are problems to check

  • You run your Make scenario before performing an action in Google Data Studio.
  • The webhook in your active New Request module matches the webhook URL used in the MakeGoogle Data Studio data source.

Before connecting the dataset I run the scenario once.
So it’s not the first bullit

The connection works in the sense that I get some data (the field names contact_id & invoice_ID are popping up in Looker). Hence, the webhook link is also not the issue

The manual provides a similar error btw.
Hence, I don’t expect the issue to be for my specifically

Does anyone have an idea about a solution? Perhaps someone from Make cc: @Make_Bot @Make_Community_Bot

Solved. Unclear what the problem was.

Hello there @Kevin_Rommen :wave:

I just want to quickly jump in to say thanks for keeping the community updated on your progress. It’s good to hear that you got this solved :pray:

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