Looker Studio and Airtable

I used to connect Airtable with Looker Studio by using a Google Sheet and Make.com to update the sheet from Airtable. I’ve noticed that there is now a connector available to link Airtable directly to Looker Studio via Make.com. However, I haven’t found any pre-built scenarios or tutorials that explain how to do this. Do you have any ideas?

Hi @Pascal,

There seem to be no pre-built templates in Make. Luckily, Make is very intuitive. I prompt you to create a scenario and test. If need be, we can help you if you get stuck.

Please, follow these steps when asking a question, and you’ll be more likely to get a helpful answer:

:writing_hand: Give us a detailed explanation of what you’re trying to achieve

:footprints: Tell us about any steps you’ve tried so far

:camera_flash: Include screenshots of:

  • your scenario flow and setup (functions, mappings, variables, etc.)

  • module configurations and outputs

  • any error messages you are getting

:card_file_box: Share the blueprint of the scenario you are asking a question about. (this does not contain any connection or personal information)

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Thanks, Henk, for your help.

I am trying to pull data concerning class placement for 410 students. This data includes checkboxes (student in learning support, high achiever, etc.), date of birth, language selected in the curriculum, etc.

I have been able to create a scenario to pull the gender for 410 students, but when using the data in looker studio, I have an error message:

blueprint.json (32.3 KB)