Error: source.on is not a function when using "multipart/form-data" in custom app

Hey maker community,

I’m stuck on an issue and I can’t find any useful hints. My custom build app which looks like below is just throwing “source.on is not a function” and stops carrying out the request. (screenshot below as well)

I already figured out that "type": "multipart/form-data" is causing the problem. No further hints than “source.on is not a function” is given by make. The exact same request works in Postman.

I’m running out of ideas. :frowning:

	"url": "/sync/importmodel",
	"method": "POST",
	"type": "multipart/form-data",
	"qs": {},
	"body": {
		"data": {
				"dataModelType": "{{parameters.dataModelType}}",
				"account": "{{parameters.account}}",
					"options": {	
						"skipPreview": "{{parameters.skipPreview}}",
						"updateExisting": "{{parameters.updateExisting}}",
						"useOEMAccount": "{{parameters.useOEMAccount}}",
						"createMissingAssetTypes": "{{parameters.createMissingAssetTypes}}",
						"useCustomerLocation": "{{parameters.useCustomerLocation}}"
			"files": {
				"value": "{{parameters.file_data}}",
				"options": {
					"filename": "{{parameters.file_name}}"

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