Error with Google Doc - Create a doc from template

Hi everyone!

I don’t succeed to create a doc from a template within the gdoc module.

When connected to the right email, then
By drop-down then
My drive

I have this text written in red

Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘setAttribute’)

I don’t understand why, it used to work and now not.

When I create a new scenario with this module as a trigger it works.
No errors and I can fill the {{values}}

I made a loom video (sorry it’s in French)

What did I do wrong please?

To add context I added 2 pictures :

  • 1 with the error I get when module is not working
  • 1 with the module working right
    Tell me if you need more info

delete the module that is not working and create from scratch. if that doesn’t work then replace the working module with the non-working one


It worked. Thank you! I deleted the module to recreate one from scratch

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