Google Docs "Download a Document" module missing parameter 'document' from time do time

I hope you are fine :smiley:

I have set up a fine scenario thanks the help of you all.
It’s working fantastically except for one error: from time to time (every few hours after I set my scenario on for ‘immediately as data arrives’) my Google Docs “Download a Document” module shows an error " Validation failed for 1 parameter(s). Missing value of required parameter 'document'. "
This error breaks the entire scenario and, because of that, my app’s users are unable to retrieve their PDF documents.
To solve that error I simply turn off the scenario, make 1 single run, and it starts to work properly again.

I could simply create a handler like “Resume” but I’m unsure if this error is critical or not, because for me it looks like the document ID gets missing; and without that, maybe the module won’t be able to recognize the exact documents to make the operations.

To detail a bit more, this is my scenario:



I have a ‘resume’ handler because my Google Docs Template has many values like {{name}} and usually not all of them are filled by the user, which is fine.
But what is happening is that from time to time (maybe randomly?) it seems like the Template Module isn’t receiving and/or passing through the ‘Document ID’ to the next module “Download a Document”, and that causes the error.

Initially I thought that it could be because I have edited my template and it may change the document ID. But even after I ceased to edit, the problem happens again.

I’m really in the dark here, and hoping that you guys can shine a light on me because this is critical to my business. :pray:

Below are more details of the error:


Thanks for your time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: