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How to Set Etsy Listings as Drafts When Syncing from Printify via Automation

Hello Community,

I’m working on an automation scenario involving Printify and Etsy. My goal is to automatically upload products created in Printify to my Etsy shop. However, I’m encountering a challenge: every time a product is uploaded from Printify to Etsy through’s automation, it’s automatically set as an “Active” listing. I would prefer these products to be initially uploaded as “Drafts” on Etsy, allowing me to review and make final adjustments before they go live.

Is there a way within’s scenario configuration to set the default state of these uploaded products to “Draft” instead of “Active”? Any guidance or tips on how to modify the scenario to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Hi @Mattchew ,

Could you add some screenshots of your scenario and its blueprint?
It will help us to help you.


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