Etsy GetInventory from multiple listing IDs and save the output data? HELP PLEASE

Hello to everyone reading this.

I am trying to use the getinventory module from Etsy’s API to get product information from many products at the same time or at least at the same scenario and save the output json somehow.

I have tried to put the green AND between listing IDs but ot seems like it just takes only the last ID as input. Also when i try to create a json uaing the json module using the data got from the getinventory module all i get is “collection”, “collection”…without any of the real data in anywhere. Maybe im doing it wrong or is it broken, I really dont understand!

Does anyone know a way to automate that and make it work? I would appreciate some help soooo much!

If there was a way to do multiple getinventory in one scenario and save the output data somewhere that would solve a problem Im dealing with for weeks now, I have just found like a week ago and Im really struggling to understand it.

Please help.

Thank you!

How about reading up on the data structures first?

is there a way to just save the collections as text or just the whole json file?

I don’t think you’re understanding what make is doing. And you’re just trying to work around a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

Make calls APIs with the apps and returns data ready for you use. A collection is simply an object with multiple keys and values. The values can be strings numbers booleans or arrays. They are data structures. These can be used in mapping or manipulated before used in other scenarios. Knowing how to do this is the key knowledge to using make.

No it is completely clear I do not understand how make works!

what I want is to make many different getInventory etsy API calls and just store the output data somewhere as a text…is this possible?

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Anyone willing to give some info?

I need help not paid consulting, thanks…

You’ll need to tell us what you have done in make and we can help. I don’t think many are willing to build your scenario from scratch here for free.

Im dont want anyone to build it for me. I just need some some info to help me understand things better to eventually manage to do it for myself :slight_smile: any help of that kind would be kind and respected!

Okay lets start by saying that the only thing that I want my scenario to do is to make an API call and store the the output data exactly as they are as a text/json format and download or maybe send them on a googledrive or dropbox in json format.

An even better version would be an option to do multiple API calls at once and store the output data in one file… but this is kinda optional since I can achieve what I want even with a scenario that does this for every API call one by one in a raw :slight_smile: feeling hopeful, believe me I am trying to find a solution days now, and seems like make platform can make this work

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The API call output data:

Text Parse:

Text Parse output:

You see, I only get this Collection thing without any data in it! I have tied also with JSON module but still I get the same!

It would be MUCH better for me if I could only get the RAW output data as seen in here in text or json file format and save it on the cloud or even just start a download on my PC automaticly after the API call:

Could someone just tell me if this is possible?

This is much better! You’re trying it. The Text Parser parses text. It does not parse JSON. Do you want to convert the bundles into a CSV file? Or what?

The Etsy module actually does a lot of work for you and takes the JSON and gets the scenario ready to process each bundle at time. You could use the CSV module to process each bundle and convert the data in each collection into a row of data for example.

The collection is a data structure native to a JSON output. You can use the mapping feature in a CSV module to get the data out by dragging and dropping the values from the Etsy module. Or if the collection contains more complex data you can use the map() function to get the information out of an Object which could be the value of a key in a collection.

Hmm…make seems to be down cause of some stupid DDoS attack… I will try and use the information you gave me as soon as I can, thank you for taking the time to give some help I really appreciate that!

Well…I have made(with a help of a friend) a custom PHP script on my wordpress site that can read the exact format of json file as API provides it… thats why I would prefer to just find a way to just get the output JSON as it is and store it somewhere, if thats possible that would save me!

You will need to process the bundles in your scenario and create the text string with text aggregator module or csv module.

I wish there was an option to just use the pure output json as text…damn it! I’m gonna try that and see what it does

happy birthday btw! wish you the best

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Okay, now I call that PROGRESS :smiley: now how can I store this on a text or json file in a cloud service?

Add a dropbox create file module for example and stuff the text output from the text aggregator as the mapped data input.

again same problem…it shows up as collection and not as text

when I try this:

I get this error when running: