Event creates in google calendar with Incorrect Start and end timing

My google calendar event creates one hour earlier from actual timings.

Where I am getting data from custom webhook with output data of start time"10:00AM" and end time “11:00AM”.

Where as incorrect event creates with start time 9 AM and End time 10 AM.

Its not happening every time but in rare cases I must say 10% case its creates wrong event in google calendar.

Please have a look at screenshots.

**I crossed check timezones in Make and Google calender as both are same - America/Edmonton **

Although I am using below Mapping for timings in google calendar

Start time :

formatDate(parseDate(9. 6;HH:mm A);hh:mm A;America/Edmonton)

End time :

formatDate(parseDate(9. 7;HH:mm A);hh:mm A;America/Edmonton).

Please help on urgent basis and it is hampering my business.

As you mentioned the error pattern is not consistent. I think someone will have to look into your scenario and diagnose the input and output data.

Hi Manish.

I shared the screenshots above as input and output data for your reference.
Can you please guide.

Much appreciated

Sorry I mean the scenario functioning and the history log wherever this time mismatch issue happened.

Because the screenshots show some data but cannot be diagnosed well for data format issues and mapping issues.

Can you show the screenshots of a good one that goes in correctly.

I made the Exact same entry after half an hour and it was correct, Please have a look at screenshot.
Webhook out values goes into google calendar input values.
Start time : 10:00 AM and end time 11:00 am

Hi @Gaurav

The formula is incorrect. The start and end time requires input in date datatype. So the formula should be finally wrapped with ParseDate function only.

Refer to the below link for more details:

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mohamed Jahar
Msquare Automation:gear:

Hi @Mohamed_Jahar

You mean to say. it should be like this
{{parseDate(formatDate(9.7; “hh:mm A”; “America/Edmonton”); “HH:mm A”)}}

Hi @Gaurav
Format Date won’t have much role here as your intention is not to format the date. Specifiy the parseDate with date and time and specify the format properly.

Hi Mohamed
I tried both ways like you suggested.
{{parseDate(formatDate(9.7; “HH:mm A”; “America/Edmonton”); “HH:mm A”; “America/Edmonton”)}}

Error: Failed to map ‘end’: Function ‘parseDate’ finished with error! Function ‘formatDate’ finished with error! ‘01:00PM’ is not a valid date.

and Other way to use parse date only.

{{parseDate(9.6; “HH:mm A”; “America/Edmonton”)}}

and it throws an error:

Validation failed for 2 parameter(s).

Just to update

9.6 is Start time like 9:00AM as String value but not datetype. Like

and 9.7 is End time 11:00 AM as String value and not datetype