Create a Google Calendar Event from a Google form doesnt accept time

I have a scenario set up to create events in Google Calender using data from a Google form. It works fine until I add the start and end time. Dont know if its in the wrong format for the calendar.


Validation failed for 2 parameter(s).

  • Invalid date in parameter ‘start’.
  • Invalid date in parameter ‘end’.


Automatic error handler

If you want to handle this error automatically, choose one of the following options. This will create a new error-handler route in your scenario. You can then expand the route in any way you like.

Having exactly the same issue. Did you manage to fix it?

Do you have screenshots or logs which shows us what kind of “start” and “end” time you are trying to use? Right now we have no clue how you have setup your scenario.

Looking into the API it looks like the Make module is sending a datetime field within the date object. This looks something like this:

dateTime: "2022-06-25T23:06:14+02:00"

Hi Drivn,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have a Google Form feeding a Google Sheets. From there I have one column with a date.


But I still get this error

I tried everything. What is annoying is that if manually input the same data, the event is created.

If I link the column E (Dia means day in portuguese) I get the same error.

And I tried to convert the date, but still not working

I am not sure what to do anymore.

Yes. I just made it short paragraph field and asked responders to enter the time in the correct format. 24 hour, HH:MM. Not ideal, but I dont thing the form time matches the required format for calendars.

Where you set the variable, use the add hours function to add the hours to the date.

Currently you’re trying to do so manually, which likely results in a wrong format.

Thanks, Zbulo.

Your tip, helped me testing other date formats and I managed to fix it.

So basically you need to convert the date to USA standard, where the Month comes first and then the day.


A good practice consists is passing dates in the form of universal time stamps:

The format is: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss

In that way, any application would detect it properly, regardless countries, timezones…
The formula to be used in Make would then be: