Problem with date: Missing value of required parameter ‘start’

Hi Everybody.
I really need some help as I am GOING CRAZY HERE.

I am working for the past 2 hours on the following scenario


The problem is the date. I keep getting an error * Missing value of required parameter ‘start’.

My google sheet is based on Italian/European format , it means that the date is created with this format: DD-MM-YYYYY

I understood that MAKE can’t deal with that and therefore it leaves the date field blank

Can you explain me - in simple terms - what module (tool?) or what command I have to digit to make it work?

Thank you


Paste the screenshot of tools “set variable” module result and input of google calendar module…

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Thank you Pierre
where you suggest to place that?
In a tool module or in the calendar?

BTW Is not working…any idea?

shall i need the tool or I could work also without it? like this?

I managed to process the date BUT I need also the time and I keep getting the error. Unfortunately there is not start time field for the event time in the calendar module… :frowning: and so I have to integrate it in the DATE variable

Hi @danielem

I think in your google sheet the date is in format MM/DD/YYYY. Calendar in start date is date column. So please use parse function
{{parseDate(1.Data di Arrivo; “MM/DD/YYYY”)}}

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Hi All

solved this!!! after so many tests…

This is the command to put in Start Date
{{parseDate(1.3; “DD/MM/YYYYTHH:mm”)}}

As far as I get you must tell the module in what format he receives the DATA/TIME info…mine came with this format dd/mm/yyy

Thanks everybody

Heya @danielem :wave:

I just wanna quickly jump in and say congrats on solving this puzzle with the help of the community! :jigsaw: :clap:

Thanks a lot for remembering to share what you learned with us and for marking your final setup as a solution. Thanks to that, our community stays tidy and neat and easy to navigate for folks looking for similar info in the future :pray:

Keep up the great work! :sunglasses:

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