EventBrite Module is not giving Data in output

Hello Makers,

Eventbrite Module is not getting or giving desired output. This module is not fetching Any data Below MARKED Mappings. In output view there are only few of data is there, But while Mapping there is tons of Mappings Available to map but that are not giving any outputs.

images Attached.

Any one from Make team Should look at this ASAP because many are missing data since a week. @Michaela

@Michaela Hello Ma’am, Only you can forward this issue to Make Dev team For quick solution.

Hi @Prem_Patel hope you’re having a great day!

Generally speaking, these sorts of issues are best to be reported directly to our support team as it is way easier for my colleagues to potentially escalate to the developers. Please understand that the community is primarily a space for Makers to meet up, learn from one another and inspire each other rather than an official support channel.

That being said, I see that you did, indeed, log a ticket and that the issue is being handled by my colleagues :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing our attention to this!

Thanks, As this is the official community i suggest it should have issue handling channel. To speed up the process. Because it has most capable members that can find and list such problems. As tickets take long time to response. But here is a ticket ID : #139850.

Thanks for the suggestion, Prem. We’ll certainly take it into consideration when planning out the following stages of the community.

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