Every post / image / link ever routed through Make.com has been deleted from Facebook

Every post/image/link every routed through Make.com has been deleted from Facebook.

This has/is/will destroy people’s hard work and Facebook pages, groups, profiles and businesses.

Make.com - you need to MAKE this right.

@schoolreadinglist I know from my peeps at make, they are working very hard to fix this, as social media is a very common use case for the platform on the consumer end.

I would like to note: That Meta across the board, has (especially since the pandemic started) had a horrible track record with their automated QA system. Platforms that integrate with meta all experience random catastrophic outages at some point. (not to mention individual developers, or agencies) I have seen first hand 7 figure ad accounts deleted, without a single ad violation, because an owner missed the notification to re-submit for random ID audit. (after having full verification), because they got detected at a new IP address during vacation.