Example of a Custom App that uses OAuth1.0a

Hey all!

In Postman I can successfully send a POST request to an API that utilizes OAuth1.0a. But I’m stumped when it comes to creating a Custom App in Make to make that same POST request inside a Module.

Does anyone have an example of a Custom App that utilitizes OAuth1.0a? Or perhaps a step by step tutorial.

Here are the API docs: https://api.smugmug.com/api/v2/doc/index.html

Thanks in advance!

Hi @PRW,

You can follow up with any of the example app that you have in My apps section, that should give you a brief way to setup the authorization flow specified in SmugMug document.

Something like this,




These should help you get started with it. Or, You can follow the document here as well.

If you still need help on this, do let me know, I can try setting up a sample connection code for you to use if you are still struggling with this.


Thanks for reminding me about the Custom App examples: https://us1.make.com/apps?tab=examples

Will dive back into those and report back.


Oddly now Make is redirecting me to my Organizations page when I try to access any of the app examples. Trying to troubleshoot why that is happening…

That’s a known issue and we are already working on a fix. In the meantime, use direct links without the redirect part, e.g. https://us1.make.com/apps/todoist/2/connections/todoist2/communication, this should work.

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