Excel not listing all rows

I have a scenario where i call the Excel List Worksheet Rows module and it lists all the rows from 1-the next blank row. When i try to use the exact same module and settings in a different scenario, it is outputting starting from rows 1101 till 1140. I cannot seem to get the first 1000 rows.

Here are the settings:

here is the output:

Here is the output from the other scenario with the same settings:

This is an interesting issue!

This module runs two API calls under the hood, the first to get the used range and next to grab the data based on the result of the first call.

The problem is likely with getting the Used Range. You should install the Integromat Dev Tool which will let you see the calls the module is making and help you diagnose further.

I really appreciate the quick response! Looking for how to install and use the tool now

ok now im having a bigger issue. The original Excel scenario is now giving the same problem of only capturing 1101 onward and not anything before. What in general could cause it to not list all the rows?

i even tried reverting back to the version from yesterday where i am certain it was listing all the rows, but now it is not

Update: ok now for some reason when i run it automatically, it gets the first rows. im going to try that now for the other scenario

update 2: Now its working when i run it automatically, but not manually, weird, but at least it works