Expand OAuth Authentication Scopes

I am using the Bigin by Zoho CRM connection in Make and would like to be able to get records using the COQL Query part of their API. I don’t see a module for this in Make.com but there is a “Make an API Call” module. However, when I use this to try the COQL query I get the error message, “[401] Invalid oauth scope to access this URL:”

Consequently, I am trying to figure out how to expand the authentication scopes I have in place between Bigin and Make to include ZohoBigin.coql.READ

Can anybody point me in the right direction here? I’m fairly tech savvy but completely green with OAuth and not sure where to start.

Hi @calebsg ,

Did you follow the tutorial given here?
Have you tried to validate your credentials using the curl as described here?

Please add some screenshots, it may help.



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Hi @Philippe_Billet,

Yes, I followed the tutorial you linked to. I have no idea how to use CURL!


For curl, there is something interesting here otherwise you can install it on your computer, it is a text-mode tool that you can use in a terminal.


I appreciate you taking the time to offer suggestions, Philippe. I guess I am not looking for a solution via CURL but via the Make.com platform.