Extract a Table from PDF attachment in a mail and process it further


  1. Watch emails from a specific mailer (Achieved)
  2. From the mail get the pdf attachment
  3. From the pdf extract a table
  4. Download the table in a CSV format (good to have)
  5. Use the table to form the parameters of a curl request to an internal API

How can I achieve it without using any other service apart from make, I don’t want to pay extra for pdf.co or mailparser etc.

This is basically a work of OCR or data extractor tool. and the best options available on Make include pdf.co

So you will have to opt for any of these services or try to find something more economical on the internet which has APIs to connect.

You can use the HTTP module to work with any type of external APIs.

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As an alternative, you can also parse your PDFs and tables with parsio. It also has a built-in integration with Make.

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