How to Extract Table with text using

Hi Everyone!

I am here to share a tutorial on how to extract tables with text using and Make. Maybe, some of us here have a hard time extracting tables manually, especially with a lot of tables in a document. Here’s a tutorial link How to Extract Tables Containing Text from PDF using and Integromat -

We also have a lot of video tutorials that you can check on our YouTube channel

Hope it helps.

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Hi there! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. We appreciate your effort in helping our community. Could you please provide more details about the problem you are trying to solve? That way, our community members can better understand and provide more helpful answers. Thanks!

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

Heya @PDF.coWebAPI thanks so much for sharing the tutorial with the community!

This is super cool and helpful stuff and we 100% appreciate it :clap:

Thank you, Michaela I really appreciate it!

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