Extract an email in the text of a mail (Gmail)

Hello !

I receive every week mails sent by the same person where they give me contacts, so the mail is always like :


Here’s the new intern contact :
Name : …
Phone number : …
Email : …

Other info : …

And I want to create a scenario that :
1 - Triggers when I receive a mail from this person.
2 - Takes the Email from the text.
3 - Create a draft where the recipient is the Email address I extracted.

I don’t know how to set up the 2nd step (And I’m using GMAIL).

Can you help me with that please ?


Is there a single email only in the Email body?

If you just want to grab the email you can reference this post,

What you need to do is use Regex to extract the data from the Emails.

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Yes there’s only one email in the body. And it’s always next to "Email : ".

I don’t know how to use Redex tho, could you help me please ?