Extract content

Good morning,
I would like to create a scenario that copies each of the news posted on this website (Últimas notas de prensa | Comunicación | Junta de Castilla y León) into my wordpress. I am not able to find the scenario that performs this function, as the news from the original website are not published in any XML or RSS. Therefore, I need a scenario that is triggered every 15 minutes, crawls the original page (Últimas notas de prensa | Comunicación | Junta de Castilla y León) and if there is new news it sends it to my wordpress.
Can you give me some clue?

You should use the RSS module to watch the posts (schedule ad you want), and pass the results into a WordPress “Create Post” module.

In the WP module, fill the fields as you want from the results of RSS feed. Automatically it will skip the rss records it already passed.

I’m sorry, but if you look at the URL I want to extract the information from, there is no RSS feed. How can I solve this?

If there is no RSS or API call that you can make to get the content, you’ll probably need to scrape the site with some script.

Maybe on the following thread you could find some more insight on the topic: Requests | Integromat