Google alerts rss feed to chatGPT to Wordpress

I would like to build a workflow in which a google alerts rss feed is received. then the supplied links to the websites are opened, the content of the website is read out, which is then transferred to chatGPT, the content is rewritten and automatically processed into a wordpress post.
what I have done is to receive the rss feed and read the links contained therein. now they have to be opened and the html code read to deliver the content of the body tag to chatgpt. how does it work?

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Hi @3s4t

If you want to obtain HTML data for ChatGPT from an RSS feed, I suggest utilizing the HTTP module to get a file, and from the result, you can then map the data to its respective fields.

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This is certainly doable.

You might need one scenario to process the scrape using ScrapeNinja and OpenAI edit like this:

Then in your main scenario, you pass the trigger data to your Scrape/AI scenario webhook using the HTTP module, then the resulting text to your wordpress module:

or you could combine all the steps if you don’t want to reuse the scraping/ai stuff. Seperating the scrape/AI into another scenario just makes it easier to reuse/extend in future, so you won’t have to set it up all over again.