Google Alerts workflow feed into Slack

I am wanting to set up a workflow where I can get Google alerts much like I would do via Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content

The goal is to be able to be get alerts sent to a Slack channel and have it go to specific channels based on the alert type.

At the moment we have a staff member who monitors news manually through their own work account. It’s not really efficient as we have no idea what alerts she gets or when they come in. I am trying to open this up so that all team members can be part of this and be able to get notifications via slack.

Hi @MaxW,

For something like this, I would:

  • Create a scenario that is triggered via a Mailhook.
  • Set up a new Google account dedicated to receiving these alerts.
  • Forward all mail, or at least the ones that contain the search alerts, to the Make Mailhook address.
  • In the scenario, parse the content, separate it accordingly (using a Router), then send it off to the Slack Channel(s).

Google Alerts has the option to publish to an RSS feed, but from Make that must be polled periodically to check for changes. That may work if you don’t poll often and don’t care to receive the alerts ASAP. In this case the scenario would be triggered by an RSS Feed module.


Had no idea we could do an RSS feed! This saved me thank you so much for sharing!


Some great ideas thankyou! I have some questions in reply:

  1. Is there a way to test the scenario? just so I can try a proof of concept
  2. I didn’t manage to find the RSS feed thing, but it sounds like an interesting idea!
  3. Can the RSS feed work in Make? I wasn’t sure how to do that part.

So far I have setup the google alert and forwarded it to the Make mailwebhook.

Before you create the alert, click on “Deliver to” dropdown and change it from your email to RSS feed.

Then, it will give you the feed XML after creating the alert.

In Make, you add an RSS Feed module as the trigger module.


I’ve got the following scenario going, but not sure if I have this right though.

Also struggling to pass data from the RSS module to Slack. Both RSS and Slack modules are a bit sparse at the moment.

You would use either Mailhook or RSS Watch RSS Feed Items as the trigger, but you wouldn’t have both in the same scenario.

When you create the alert, you’re either going to send an email or send to an RSS feed.
If you create an alert with email, you would start the scenario with a Mailhook.
If you create an alert with RSS, you would start the scenario with an RSS Watch RSS Feed Items module.


Right I see, thanks for explaining that for me.

I am getting an error in the Slack module when I run the scenario. I might be missing a config somewhere?

If this is how your Slack module is configured, you’re getting the error because there’s no text in the Text box. Fill that in and hopefully that helps.


Hi there, I figured it out slightly but still working through it.

For the Blocks field I’ve used the Block Kit Builder to create a structure for the Slack message display. And pasted that into the Blocks field and assigned variables to it. One question is how do I loop through each Google Alert item?

Also what goes in the Text field?

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I think I managed to get it working somewhat, one thing I am stuck on is having multiple RSS feeds sending to Slack. We currently have 4 Google Alert RSS feeds that I am trying to add.

But not sure if this is possible? as the scenario needs to start with a trigger.

Hey @MaxW,

Knowing you want to set up multiple alerts like this, I’d recommend sticking with the email method we’ve outlined previously. Have all your alerts forwarded to a Make Mailhook address so the scenario can process it.

If you want to stick with Watching RSS Feed from Make, then I think you’ll need multiple scenarios as Make doesn’t support multiple triggers in a single scenario like you might be trying to do.
One scenario to handle the processing of the feed item(s).
You’d start this scenario with a Webhook and the payload would be the item(s) from the RSS Feed.

Then, you need multiple helper scenarios that start with an RSS Watch RSS Feed Items, then use an HTTP module to call the main scenario, passing the RSS Feed Data as the payload.
It’ll be one of these 2-module scenarios for each alert.

Paid Make plans also have another option. Instead of using HTTP Module to call another scenario’s webhook, there’s an option for a Make module to call another scenario and pass in scenario inputs.

Hope that makes sense.


Sorry for the late reply, thanks for getting back with a potential workflow. I don’t have much experience with yet, this flow sounds like great idea but I don’t know exactly how to create this in Make.