Extract data from google form and put into google sheet with API request

Hello everyone. I am a newbie to Integromat. I have to set up a scenario with following steps:

  1. Google form with one field: “search by ID”
  2. The user enters an ID and saves the result.
  3. Google Forms should make an API call to a URL (for ex. `https://accessgudid.nlm.nih.gov/api/v2/devices/lookup.json), find the information about an object by ID
  4. Extract only the specified fields (for example, brandName, versionModelNumber, deviceCommDistributionStatus, companyName) and put them into the corresponding fields in the Google sheet.
    I tried to look for some similar templates in Make, but got totally lost.
    Maybe someone can direct me to the right way or provide advice. Thanks and sorry for interruption

Hi @Yana_Br
great use-case!

Did you manage to use the Google Forms Module to retrieve the ID which was input by the user?

After that you should put the HTTP Module (if there is no Module for your service - I didn’t check!). Just enter the URL and the ID in the corresponding field (QS, Body… depends on the API).

After that you can put a Google Sheets module Update Row or Add Row to input the retrieved data.

You might do all of this in only google sheets? Or do you rely on google forms?
You could have one column where a user enters the ID and then retrieves the additional information. This way it’s even easier to accomplish in Make :slight_smile:

I hope it helps, if not please let me know! :slight_smile:

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