Update google sheet cells using ChatGPT

Hello there,
I am really happy to join make community. I have spent the whole day learning and trying to figure out how to finish a scenario but now I am stuck (and tired sorry).

Although i am pretty sure it is not complicated.

I have made a first scenario where each time I add a link on a feedly board it will create a new row on a dedicated google sheet. This works fine, you will see pictures in copy. (S1 + S1 Sheet)

Now i would like to use chat GPT to make a tiny resume of each article (when I can get content > S1 Sheet column E)
I have been trying many different scenarios like S2 (that was almost working) and S3.

But i can’t figure out where to tell the following scenario : if you find a Content (column E) then tell ChatGPT to make a resume and update on the same row the column resume (column C).

I have tried to follow different tutorials to get a better understanding of how everything works but I feel like I have spent a whole day for nothing.

I hope this was clear.
Could you guys help me out please ?

Last scenario I have tried : https://eu1.make.com/284492/scenarios/1012049/edit

Correct me if I am wrong at any point. Once the data enters google sheets you will be able to reference the data in the next module. In this case, the data from column E. In the chatGPT module, reference column E in your prompt. If column E is empty it will be skipped I believe. Try to run your scenario without going past chatGPT module, f it runs without errors then proceed. This will help you in future scenarios as well.

Heya @Will1 welcome to the community, we’re happy to have you :wave:

I just wanted to let you know that here in the community, we cannot access your scenarios from a link. That’s why sharing as many screenshots of your setup as you can is really the way to go. Well, and you did do that - awesome :blush:

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Well it doesn’t get column E unless I gave it a specific Cell.
It has worked when I have told him get that specific cell (e.g E6)

What should i use to tell :
When new rows are updated
Check Column E
If empty check next one
If not get text
Use text with chat GPT prompt
Put answer in another column
And repeat

Did you ever figure this out? I am new to Make and need to figure out how to get prompts from Notion to ChatGPT and then put responses back into Notion. Any easy way to do this?

Not yet sorry, beggining of my scenario isn’t working anymore and I don’t get it