Need help with Scenario (Google Sheet) to (Chat GPT) Rewrite and return answer back to (Google Sheet)

I’m new to and looks like a great system. I’m trying to take text from Google Sheet and upload to Chat GPT so it can rewrite the text and then it will place the new text back in Google Sheets in a different column.

I connected Google Sheet to and also setup an API to OpenAI/ChatGPT. I tried setting up the scenario and selected “Fine Tuning”. Not sure if this part is correct?

I think I have it setup correct for pulling data from a cell (A2) and guessing after it rewrites the text I need to add a module after Chat GPT to go back to Google Sheet?

Can you also let me know if you think this might not be working as I’ve not paid additional funds to OpenAI for an API connection?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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You can try using “Create a Chat Completion” or “Message an assistant” modules.

Yes, you need the “Update a Row/Cell” modules.

Do not buy ChatGPT Plus, it doesn’t work on Make

“ChatGPT Plus” and “OpenAI GPT-4” are two separate products.

You might have bought the consumer chat “Plus” version at, which is NOT compatible with Make.

Make uses the “OpenAI GPT-4 models”, only accessible via the OpenAI developer platform.

OpenAI APIs for developer (commercial) use does not have any free plan.

To resolve this issue,

  1. You can buy credits on the OpenAI Developer Dashboard, under Accounts > Billing page

  2. Next, go to the Usage Limits page, and set the Monthly budget field to the same as the value above (e.g.: 120), then save your changes.


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Thank you for your help. I think we have the correct OpenAI. Here is the link where I can see our account: Looks like the trial credits we received have expired so our balance is $0. We can add credits but want to make sure this sounds correct and also there are many options to buy for example GPT 3.5 turbo to GPT 4 and many different versions. If you have any input for what to purchase at OpenAI would be great.

You don’t purchase specific models, you load credit and then you can use all of them.