Update multiple cell - Google Sheet

Hi. Actually, here is my scenario. It takes information in several cells of Google Sheet, to send queries to ChatGPT. The problem is that the results are all returned in the same cell, so each new query overwrites the previous one. I would like the results to be put in a row (for example, if it’s the info in B2, the results would be put in C2, the info in B3 with the results in C3, etc.). I have tried several “methods”, including using the tools, but nothing works. Can someone help me?

Hi. I think you have change your scenario and:

  1. Use the Search module to retrieve the rows with the content to build your GPT- prompts
  2. After get the results for an prompt you must use the update row module and only update the correct cell / column in Google Sheet

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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It woks, thanks a lot for your quick answer ! :slight_smile: