Iterate cells in google sheet with ChatGpt

Hi guys,

I’m trying to bulk rewrite titles for my online store with ChatGpt and looking for some advice what would be the best way of approaching this task.

I have a google sheet with the SKU list including column “Title”.
Now I need to take the value from each cell in the collumn, rewrite it in ChatGpt, update that cell and move on to the next one but I can’t work out how to do it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where to start and which modules to use to be honest.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Ok I’m making progress.
I managed to make it kinda work with google docs (add new paragraph for each title) however I can’t get it to map to Google sheets, I get this error:

400: INVALID_ARGUMENT - Unable to parse range: ‘Sheet1’! 3 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe in Light Walnut, Grey Fabric Effect and Cashmere

Google Sheets mapping

Mapping Options


I think you can delete the Aggregator and Iterator modules.


same issue im afraid

Now you need to map the column number and row number variables into that cell field, NOT the title variable.


OK, when I specify the column and row number ie B2 only that cell gets updated instead of moving on to the next row.

You have to replace the number “2” with the row number variable from the first module so that it becomes dynamic.


Finally worked it out… I used the wrong module.
After swapping Update a Cell to Update a Row it all started working no issues :slight_smile:

Here is the final scenario:

Thanks for your help