How to target a cell in a google sheet that is not static

The goal of my scenario is this:
I want ChatGPT to access a google sheet, look through the rows of the sheet that contain prospect/lead data like names, websites, linkedin details, etc.
When it finds a row that is missing a value for ‘personalization’, ChatGPT will answer prompts, do some research and return a response and populate that response into the cell with the missing data.

My scenario is setup like this:

  1. Google Sheet: Search Rows
  2. Array Aggregator
  3. Iterator
  4. OpenAI ChatGPT
  5. Google Sheets: Update a Cell

The problem I’m having is the the first step is not targeting a specific row or cell. is looking for a row with missing cell data in a column labeled ‘personalization’.

So far so good. finds the row in my google sheet. The information within that row passes through the aggregator to the iterator, gets to ChatGPT through the API, ChatGPT answers the prompt and then spits out a response.

But when I get to updating the cell in my last step, I don’t know how to reference a cell that is a moving target. I can’t just list a specific cell because I want to run this scenario multiple times. As soon as it populates the missing cell with the response from ChatGPT, I need the scenario to move on to the next row. The cell reference has to stay variable depending on which row is selected in the first step.

See screen shots for the how I set up the scenario.