Need help with Google Sheets GPT Automation

Hello fellow Makers, I’m new to make and have been tinkering along to make my first succesful automation… I am trying to have the automation update every single row listed on the google sheet it reads from the original one. The bundle limit is set to 15 outputs onto the spreadsheet but it won’t get past the first one If i list the row number value as “M”. However, if I write the value 2 it will start running the automation through the 15 loops but it just keeps updating the same row instead of working it’s way down the sheet.

Also is there a way to have chatgpt or another make app filter out the info chatgpt should not analyze from a given row.

Pictures attached, any help and pointers are much appreciated.

  • explain your goal with as much context as possible
  • mention any steps you’ve tried so far

Hey @Darien_Ramirez

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You should map the row number from 1st module

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HEllo Manish, thank you…

I’ve tried your suggestion but the google sheet is not updating the information. Any ideas on what I should do ? I’ve put the tag for the Row number like you said, and I’m testing it on 10 rows to see if it works. I’d want it to run down the whole list once it works.

@ManishMandot Manish, it’s actually working but how would I have it start from the top of the list? For some reason it is starting from row 133 and processing from there