Extract pictures URL to attach them in Email Module

Hello makers,
I came back to you all because I’m getting the same issue that I really don’t suceed to resolve, here the 2 topics I already opened :

Here I’m trying to make (forget other paths of the router, not important) :

Data comes from a webhook (it’s a detail) :

Iterator Input : input-iterator.json (8.8 KB)
Iterator Output : output-iterator.json (8.0 KB)

My goal is to attach every pictures in the final Email Module, so I tested several advice from @samliew @Msquare_Automation (thanks for their help again :clap: :clap:) but I got critical errors every time.

Finally, here my current setup that prevents from errors but attach only one picture in the Email :

And here what I get :
Example 1 →

Example 2 →

I’m sorry to ask you this, but after 2 months of testing, I really think that I’m not going to set this up on my own because I don’t figure what I’m doing out.
So the only way to understand would be to have the solution step by step, so I could understand why it works.

Hope your understand. Thank you

It looks like you are already mapping the aggregated array to the Attachments field correctly.

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Thank you @samliew I will wait for any other help and let you know